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Moderated user tests
& Live Interviews

50% more efficient than in-house testing

Use our panel with over 30,000 subjects

Automatic appointment management

Corona safe testing

Your UX Lab in the Cloud

Moderated remote UX testing: Up to 50% more efficient than in-house testing

The dashboard of the moderated remote test

Test UX from anywhere and invite colleagues to the tests

No time-consuming recruitment – we take care of that for you

Execution, recording and evaluation conveniently in one tool

up to 50% time saving – according to the motto “do more of what your job is”

Remote interviews: At the touch of a button to your target group

Customer during moderated remote test

Remote interviews with your target group

Flexible scheduling – interviews are also possible at short notice

Simple technical setup: No installation necessary

You focus on your research. We’ll do the rest.

30,000 users test your usability from home


Select target group &
set dates

30,000 testers participate in moderated remote tests

30,000 testers


Live Sessions

in the moderated remote tests, the test leader and tester speak to each other via audio conference and screen transmission

100% satisfaction guarantee



During the moderated remote tests it is possible to take notes in the tool

all in one tool

Here’s what you get: The same quality as in-house tests, but less stress

Dashboard of a moderated remote test
All in one tool:
The advantages of our live sessions at a glance

No stress with testers, technology and rooms

Testing for specific target groups – just as you know it from in-house tests

Take notes during your tests

Let your colleagues watch the session and take notes as well

Clear analysis of all your insights

Convince stakeholders with a highlight video

Share your results with colleagues who were not there live

Unmoderated tests, 5-second tests, and more. in the same tool

Check out a sample video here!

What our customers say: Efficient, emotional and close to the user

Solve operational blindness, increase conversion, collect patterns of opinions

“We’ve been using RapidUsertests for a while now to improve our website from the ground up. The new moderated sessions are the highlight of our testing journey so far: lots of new input about our users’ behavior!

Bianca Schäb, SRF

UI/UX Designer

“It has been a while since our last in-house tests because they are often very time consuming. So the live sessions are a cool way to get back to doing more moderated usability testing, for example, to get a sense of our user’s sentiment or to test more complex issues.”

Julia Brandmüller, STRATO

UX Designer

“In the past, usability testing usually left questions unanswered. With the moderated sessions, we can get to the bottom of these questions by asking them skillfully. This gives us more specific and emotional insights that help us further optimize our conversion.”

Carlotta Hilberath, carwow

Growth Manager

Configure your live session now

What would you like to test?

  • Desktop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • iOS
  • Android
  • unreleased apps
  • InVision, Axure, etc.
  • PDF documents
  • own prototype URL
  • Talk live with users
  • No installation
  • Live User Research

Our other test formats:

NEW: Moderated live test

  • For prototypes, user research, etc.
  • Live & hosted by you
  • Web conference in the browser – no installation necessary
  • 15-60 minutes, flexible number of questions

20 minute test

  • For the entire onsite journey
  • natural usage pattern
  • flexible timing
  • Up to 8 tasks + 5 written questions


5 minute quick test

  • Fast ad hoc feedback
  • For individual features, design comparisons, etc.
  • Create + evaluate your test quickly
  • 1 task + 1 written question