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Quick UX Insights
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Use our panel with over 30,000 testers

Or invite your own testers

Optimize your UX and conversion rate

Easy to integrate into your agile processes

Remote testing: videos show what your users are thinking and feeling

For comprehensive tests, e.g. of the entire user journey

Test Germany-wide and desktop tests also internationally

Approx. 20-minute think-aloud videos – see your product through the eyes of your users

Up to 8 tasks and 5 written questions, first results within 24h

This is what the result videos look like

“You watch the videos and read the comments, you cry, you fix things, you become rich.”

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at

Fast UX Insights: First results within 24 hours

30,000 users test your usability from home


Create a usability test –
in a few minutes

from EUR 139


Your target group tests the website/app

in a few hours


Improve your website/app with user videos

100% guaranteed satisfaction

This is what you get: Fast UX feedback from your target group

Agile and comfortable usability testing

All in one tool:
Your advantages at a glance

No stress with testers, technology and rooms

Testing for specific target groups – just as you know it from in-house tests

Document and prioritize your insights

Virtual eye tracking and quantitative metrics support your analysis

Convince stakeholders with a highlight video

Moderated tests, 5 second tests and much more in the same tool

Optional: Get support from ux experts

RapidUsertests deliver equivalent results to in-house tests

Solve operational blindness, increase conversion, continuous optimization

“Thanks to RapidUsertests we have continuously and sustainably improved the usability of our website. The effect is always amazing, even with small changes – which we would not have thought of without RapidUsertests. Changes on careers sites, for example, have had a massive impact on the quality of applicants.”

Jutta Spieller, Steuerring

Head of Communication and Marketing

“We did a comparison study RapidUsertests vs. in-house usability testing. The RapidUsertest was able to uncover equivalent usability problems as in the classical usability test. Userlution’s offering has become an important additional tool for us, as a RapidUsertests provides cheap, fast and good results.”

Manuel Panzirsch, STRATO AG

Head of User Experience

“The RapidUsertest was one of my personal highlights of the year! The stakeholders were totally impressed by the result. The actions derived from the test have been implemented by the various teams over the last few months, and we’re already seeing an increase in conversion rates.”

Lena Engel, Verlag Werben & Verkaufen GmbH

Head of Marketing & CRM

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  • iOS
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  • unreleased apps
  • InVision, Axure, etc.
  • PDF documents
  • your own prototype URL

Our other test formats:

NEW: Moderated live test

  • For prototypes, user research, etc.
  • Live & hosted by you
  • Web conference in the browser – no installation necessary
  • 15-60 minutes, flexible number of questions

20 minute test

  • For the entire onsite journey
  • natural usage pattern
  • flexible timing
  • Up to 8 tasks + 5 written questions


5 minute quick test

  • Fast ad hoc feedback
  • For individual features, design comparisons, etc.
  • Create + evaluate your test quickly
  • 1 task + 1 written question