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What are RapidUsertests?

Users of your target group test your websites & apps

Crowd usability testers test your websites and apps
  • Watch your audience use your website or app.
  • Listen to the thoughts and criticism of your users.
  • Prevent operational blindness.
  • Uncover conversion killers.
  • Convince your stakeholders with a highlight video.

The process of RapidUsertests in 4 steps


You create your user test online – Easier than you think

Crowd usability tests on all devices

Test websites, apps and
prototypes with various
devices and target groups.

Or: Our UX experts create the test for you!

UX experts create your crowd usability test

If you wish, we can tailor the ideal test concept in consultation with you. Or we can explain all the tricks of test design to you in a testing workshop.


Test users of your target group test your website and app

Crowd usability tests on the tablet

The tests take place in the users’ normal usage situation – at home on their own devices (desktop, iOS, Android). This way, users behave more naturally and are more honest than in the Lab.


You will receive the first test videos within a few hours

Create and evaluate your own crowd usability test

You can analyse the results yourself  in our highly efficient evaluation tool. With a variety of features, the tool supports you perfectly in the evaluation.

For example, you can edit a highlight video with the key findings to share with your team.

Here you can log in to our demo account and have a look around the tool.


Or: Our UX experts evaluate the test for you!

Have crowd usability tests evaluated by UX experts

The usability agency Userlutions is behind RapidUsertests. Let our usability experts evaluate your test – they find all UX problems, even beyond the verbal criticism of the testers. In a comprehensive presentation, you will also receive valuable recommendations on how to improve your website or app.

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After that you can optimize your website or app

Optimize website based on crowd usability tests

You can do everything yourself or let our experts support you. Among other things, we offer you the creation of click prototypes and interface designs.

Usability Award winners test with RapidUsertests

“Usability plays a big role at Cyberport. In order to optimize this, we continuously test with RapidUsertests. The team has already provided us with comprehensive advice on many complex issues, so much so that we even won the Shop Usability Award in 2013. ”

Martin Philipp

Team Leader Content & Conversion, Cyberport