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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

General information

RapidUsertests is a web service that enables fast and affordable usability testing. You specify your desired target group when booking, and we select suitable testers from our extensive panel. You give them tasks to complete on your website or app. The screen and the voice of the tester are recorded. This way you can see what your users have problems with, what they (don’t) like and what suggestions they have for improving your website or app.

First steps for your RapidUsertests

Rapid Usertests is for website and app owners who:

  • want to check their website for user-friendliness with little effort
  • need fast and high quality results
  • want to get direct feedback from users on the use of their website
  • want to make targeted optimizations.

RapidUsertests is used by thousands of

  • Online shops
  • Web agencies
  • Operators of (commercial) websites and apps

One tester costs 69,50€. The more testers you book, the less a tester costs.

This is what you get:

  • A screen recording of a test user speaking their thoughts out loud as they work through the tasks on your website/app.
  • Written responses from the testers to your qualitative questions.

User testing allows you to identify difficulties in the use of your digital product and thus optimize it to the needs of the users.

Usually the first user test videos are already available after a few hours. In the case of very specific demographic requirements, this duration may possibly increase.

Approximately 15-20 minutes. The length depends on the amount of tasks and the speed of the test user. The tasks on your website or app should be set so that they can be completed in about 15 minutes.

You can find the videos online in your personal account. There you can view and evaluate them in the browser at any time. You can also download the videos in mp4 format.

The advantage of remote testing is that it takes place in the test subjects’ normal environment, making them feel at ease and using the website or app as they normally would.

Many people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and would therefore behave differently. What matters is what the user does on your website, not how they look while doing it.

By recording the user’s thoughts, their reaction to the product can be recorded very well. A webcam recording is therefore not necessary.

The thinking aloud method is a common approach to usability testing. Testers speak their thoughts, doubts, problems and suggestions aloud. These are recorded via the user’s headset.

Yes, your data is encrypted and stored on German servers in high-performance computing centers that are subject to German data protection laws. Our RapidUsertests servers are guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time. Your videos are also available for an unlimited period of time and the storage space is unlimited.

The payment of your RapidUsertests is done by invoice. After booking we will send you the invoice via e-mail. However, the test can already start before we have received your payment. So there is no delay in the test execution.

What can I test?

Yes! You can book user tests on mobile devices in our booking process. You can test on both iOS and Android devices.

What else you can test.

Yes! All we need is a URL, i.e. the corresponding prototype or design must be accessible online. Password protected prototypes are also testable.

What else you can test.

Desktop software can also be tested with RapidUsertests. This may be associated with an additional charge. Just ask us first.

What else you can test.

Yes, you can also perform usability tests with us in many other countries. You can also easily create international tests via our booking system. If your desired country is not listed, simply contact us and we will find a solution!

What else you can test.

No, the focus of our tests is on usability, i.e. the user-friendliness and comprehensibility of the product. However, we do work with a reputable provider of functional crowd testing, who we will be happy to put you in touch with. Simply contact us via chat, telephone or e-mail.

What you can test.

Create tests yourself

You can create a usability test with RapidUsertests in 3 steps (more detailed information can be found here: First steps for your RapidUsertests)

First, you determine the starting scenario. What situation do you want the user to put themselves in before they are directed to your website or download the app? What should they be thinking about, what goal or problem do they have right now?

Now you define the tasks. You should keep in mind that these tasks can be completed in about 15-20 minutes.

Tips for phrasing the of the tasks

Lastly, you can ask up to 5 questions that your testers will answer in writing after the usability testing. The questions can either ask for specific information or be more general. All questions together should take 5-10 minutes to answer.

For 149€ you can also have the test created by our usability experts..

Interesting to test are e.g.

  • Your central use cases, i.e. what your users normally do
  • Places where your users often abandon or leave the page, but you don’t know WHY.

To identify and prioritize the majority of issues with your product, we recommend at least 10 test users. However, the correct number of testers depends on your question.

How to find the right sample size

Of course you can also book more than 20 testers. However, this is only useful in a few cases. RapidUsertests are qualitative tests and usually 10-20 testers are enough to uncover most UX issues. Anything else would mean more effort that isn’t really worth it. Only in special cases more testers are necessary.

How to find the right sample size

There are two possibilities:

  • In the assignment, give the testers fictitious data to use in the purchase process or instruct the testers to enter fictitious but realistic data on their own.
  • Instruct the test users to complete the purchase and payment process only up to the “Submit Order” step and to skip the last step.

With RapidUsertest Premium you can also easily upload and test graphics in your test concept. In the pay-per-test package, however, you must provide the graphic as a URL.

Yes. Simply provide the testers with the appropriate password in the scenario, e.g.

Please make a note of the following access data before you start recording:

Users: <Users>
Password: <Password>

Yes, every website can be tested, as long as the operator does not prohibit this in his terms and conditions.

Longer or shorter tests are also possible. Just contact us and we will find a solution together.

Yes, you can customize the tasks both before and after starting the test in your customer area. However, you cannot make any changes to the target group properties once the test has started.

Evaluate tests and share with colleagues

You can easily evaluate the videos yourself online in our tool. You can find tips for the evaluation here.

If you want to make sure that all usability problems are uncovered, you can also book an evaluation by our usability experts for an additional fee. You will also receive important suggestions for solutions.

Learn more about the expert evaluation.

You can add as many team members as you like to your company account. This allows you to gather insights together and conduct UX tests and UX research collaboratively.

Yes, you can add members to your account from your dashboard after booking. This way, your colleagues can also access the videos.

If you only want to share individual videos, you can time-stamp the videos and send your colleagues a link to jump directly to the location in the video. You can find this functionality in the video view in the dashboard.

Our UX experts evaluate your usability test.

For you, that means:

  • You receive prioritized recommendations for action, prepared by our experts, with which you can quickly and effectively eliminate the biggest conversion killers.
  • One of our experts will be at your side as your personal contact.
  • You will receive a document prepared with many screenshots and explanations, which can be used for internal communication.
  • You save a lot of time. With the full service only 2-3 hours have to be invested in a testing project.

Learn more about the expert evaluation.

It takes about 1.5 weeks from the kick-off phone call to the presentation of the results.

Learn more about the expert evaluation.

Our testers

The test users of our panel are typical Internet users and not usability experts. They are not professional testers, but pursue all sorts of professions. They take part in our tests in their spare time.

Yes, you can also recruit your own panel (e.g. existing customers) for our RapidUsertests on desktop devices.

Your advantages:

  • Test with existing customers or registered users of your site
  • Test with employees of your company
  • Tests with target groups that are difficult for us to recruit, e.g. specialist staff

After booking, we will send you a link to the test that you can send to your testers. You’ll get more information on the process and some best practices along with the link.
For the evaluation of the videos you can of course use our evaluation tool.


  • Our satisfaction guarantee does not apply to your own testers.
  • The compensation of the test persons is your responsibility and you are free to decide on the type of compensation.
  • If necessary, the entire test will take longer than you are used to when testing with our panel. Therefore, send out significantly more invitations than you need test persons (at least 7 times the booked number of testers).
  • This feature is currently not available for mobile testing.

Our usability experts test each tester’s ability to express their thoughts during the test. By regularly evaluating the testers, we ensure a continuously high panel quality.

Our testers are invited to a maximum of eight tests per month. This is how we make sure they don’t become pro testers and don’t get overtested.

Our testers reflect typical Internet users. Some are very internet savvy and experienced, some have very little experience. We also recruit new testers on an ongoing basis, which is why they vary in their testing experience.

If you only need testers with a certain level of experience, simply specify this as a target group characteristic.

Currently, we collect the following demographic information from our test users: Gender, age, internet usage & experience, educational attainment, occupation, monthly household net income.

Under “Other requirements” you can specify additional requirements when creating the test. Since our panel is very extensive, there will certainly be users from your target group among them. Test users independently ensure that they only participate in tests for which they meet the requirements, otherwise they may be excluded from our panel.

By cooperating with reliable recruitment specialists, we can also cover very specific target groups such as doctors or traders.

No. We do not invite testers who have already tested for the same customer, unless this is explicitly requested or agreed with the customer.

If you want to be the one who tests websites and apps for a fee, you can register here: Become a tester

Support & Service

We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, contrary to expectations, you were not satisfied with one of our testers, our support team will be happy to help you. We will replace the tester if you give us short feedback on what the tester could have done better.

The individual videos will be available to you as they come in. So you can already start the evaluation when the first user has completed the test.

You pay for all services conveniently by invoice. You can also specify a different billing address when booking. The test can start even before you have received the invoice.

Here you can find an overview of the credit prices.

The tester credits are valid for 12 months and can be distributed over any number of tests during this time.

By joining our panel, testers confirm our tester terms and conditions and thus also this passage:

3.3 The tester undertakes to maintain silence towards any third party with regard to the test, the contractual relationship as well as with regard to all information that has become known to him in this context. In particular, this complete duty of confidentiality applies to the clients of RapidUsertests. The results, intermediate steps or parts of the result may not be copied or otherwise recorded. No screenshots or own recordings of any kind of the test are allowed.

In addition, we can also have subjects confirm a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to testing. Simply contact us by email, chat or phone (030 / 555 747 987).

Our team of usability and design experts offers you the following additional services:

We also offer many other services related to user research, UX optimization and UI design.

All of our UX services.

Yes, we can give you a quote. Just contact us for this.

Of course you are very welcome to recommend us. If you refer a new customer who doesn’t have a RapidUsertests account yet, we’ll give you up to 2 tester credits to redeem on your next test.

You can choose if you want to give 4 credits to your contact or if you want to split the credits and each of you should get 2 credits.

You can find our referral page in your customer dashboard in the navigation bar under ‘free credits’.

Want detailed how-tos and best practices? Then take a look at our RapidUsertests Testing Guide.

There you will find for example

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