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Das Test-Dashboard: Alle Infos und schneller Zugriff auf deine Test-Videos

The test dashboard: All information and quick access to your test videos

Das Herz von RapidUsertests: Unser Video-Auswertungsscree

The heart of RapidUsertests: Our video evaluation screen

Das Highlightvideo-Tool, zum Zusammenschneiden der wichtigsten Videostellen

The highlight video tool for cutting together the most important parts of the video

Die Session-Ansicht unserer moderierten Live-Tests

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Julia Käfer, formerly Pixum

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“The conversion rate increase of 40% speaks for the high quality of the results. Their pragmatic approach is what convinced me!”

Steffen Schierloh, Magine TV

Head of Marketing Germany

“With RapidUsertests we were able to increase our conversion rate by 30%. Thanks to the personal feedback from the RapidUsertests experts, we now have the know-how to carry out usability tests ourselves.”

Björn Kolbmöller, Flaconi


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Website & conversion optimization through UX tests

A high user experience is one of the key success factors online and pays off: in better conversion rates, greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and, last but not least, in websites that are fun to use. However, the optimization of the site and the elimination of usability problems is often postponed further and further.

In everyday web design and product management, it is often difficult to involve your own target group early and often in the process in the spirit of user-centered design, often due to a lack of time. That’s why we at RapidUsertests want to help break this vicious circle with UX tests and enable everyone to test early, fast and often – so that users love your site.

Understanding user behavior through UX tests

When optimizing websites, UX tests give you insight into the qualitative and central “why” of user behaviour on your site. This makes them a perfect addition to quantitative tracking and testing approaches such as analytics or they can be used before A/B tests.

In a usability test, users from your target group perform typical tasks on your website, your app or in your software environment. This identifies both problems and aspects that work well. UX tests are carried out either in the laboratory or independent of location as remote UX tests. Remote UX tests allow your target group to test your website in their natural setting. The testers do not have to come to a laboratory for analysis, but test your website or app in their familiar environment. The tests are recorded for presentation and analysis purposes and provide insights that serve to improve the user experience.

At the heart of good website design with good UX are always: clear communication of the benefits for the user, user-friendly implementation and an efficient, effective and satisfying way of guiding users to their destination.

RapidUsertests Remote UX tests – UX test results within 24 hours

To carry out UX tests quickly and, above all, cost-effectively, we offer remote ux tests with RapidUsertests. With our user panel and simple, clear test designs, a conclusive UX test can be carried out quickly, pragmatically and inexpensively. You can create the test in just a few minutes. Just a short time later, screen recordings, audio comments and mouse trackings of typical users will show you how you can make your website more successful. This allows usability deficiencies to be identified and gives you ideas for specific optimization. A quick and easy way to optimize your homepage.

Whether for the first draft of a website, iterative redesign, website analysis of a competitor or to increase your own conversion rate, RapidUsertests supports you in the analysis and optimization of your website. You can either carry out our RapidUsertests yourself, or you can commission our experts to create and evaluate the UX test for you and draw up specific optimization recommendations. Get non-binding advice here.

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