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Online usability test: Test your product for user-friendliness

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Corona safe testing

Over 30,000 testers from your target group

Optimize your UX and conversion rate

Moderated & unmoderated usability tests and interviews

Videos show your user’s behavior and thoughts

Screen recording and thinking out loud: see your product through your users’ eyes
Optimize your product based on their pains and needs
First results in a few hours – faster than in-house tests
Germany-wide and desktop tests also internationally

This is what the result videos look like

“You watch the videos and read the comments, you cry, you fix things, you become rich.”

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at

Usability testing of anything that has a URL.

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Exactly the right UX method for your question. All in one tool.

NEW: Moderated live test

  • For prototypes, user research, etc.
  • Live & hosted by you
  • Web conference in the browser – no installation necessary
  • 15-60 minutes, flexible number of questions

20 minute test

  • For the entire onsite journey
  • natural usage pattern
  • flexible timing
  • Up to 8 tasks + 5 written questions

3 minute quick test

  • Fast ad hoc feedback
  • For individual features, design comparisons, etc.
  • Create + evaluate your test quickly
  • 1 task + 1 written question

Just test usability on the side. No prior experience needed. Without subscription.

30,000 users test your usability from their homes


Create a usability test – in a few minutes

from EUR 139


Your target group tests the website/app

in a few hours


Improve your website/app with user videos

100% guaranteed satisfaction

“With RapidUsertests, we were able to increase our conversion rate by 30%.”

Solve operational blindness, increase conversion, continuous optimization

“It’s amazing how much more open testers are about the site’s weaknesses when they’re anonymous and alone. In moderated testing, we wouldn’t get these candid results.

Julia Käfer, Pixum

UX specialist

“The 40% conversion rate increase speaks to the high quality of the results. The pragmatic approach won me over!”

Steffen Schierloh, Magine TV

Head of Marketing Germany

“With RapidUsertests, we were able to increase our conversion rate by 30%. Due to the personal feedback of the RapidUsertests experts, we now have the know-how to conduct usability tests ourselves.”

Björn Kolbmöller, Flaconi


Here’s what you get: Honest usability feedback from real users

The agile and convenient alternative to in-house testing

Simple evaluation in the tool: Your advantages at a glance

No stress with testers, technology and rooms

Test for specific target groups

Germany-wide and internationally

Document and prioritize your insights

Convince stakeholders with a highlight video

Share your results with colleagues

Optional: Get support from ux experts

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No time? Usability experts do the work for you

With experience from hundreds of usability tests in all industries

Userlutions – the UX agency behind RapidUsertests

Our team of psychologists and designers will evaluate your tests and advise you individually on all UX questions. We advise both international corporations and small businesses and are there for you to make your website or app even more successful through user-friendliness.

Advantages of an expert evaluation
  • You save a lot of time
  • You make sure that all usability problems are detected
  • You receive optimization recommendations from UX experts

The best are testing

Over 2000 product managers and UX experts from all industries use RapidUsertests

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Website & Conversion Optimization through Usability Testing

A high user experience is one of the key success factors on the web and pays off: in better conversion rates, greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and, last but not least, in websites that are fun to use. Often, however, optimizing the site and fixing the usability issues gets put off further and further. In the daily routine of webpage design and product management, it is often difficult to involve one’s target group early and often in the process in the sense of user-centered design, often due to a lack of time. That’s why we at RapidUsertests want to help break the vicious cycle with usability testing and enable everyone to test really early, fast and often – so users love your site.

Understanding user behaviour through usability tests

When optimizing websites, usability testing gives you insight into the qualitative and central “why” of user behavior on your site. This makes them a perfect complement to quantitative tracking and testing approaches such as analytics, or they can be used upstream of A/B testing. In a usability test, users from your target group perform typical tasks on your website, app, or in your software environment. This identifies both problems and aspects that work well. Usability tests are carried out for this purpose either in the laboratory or location-independently as remote usability tests. Remote usability testing allows your target audience to test your website in their natural usage situation. The testers don’t have to come to a lab for analysis, but test your website or app in their familiar environment. The tests are recorded for presentation and analysis purposes and yield insights that are used to improve the user experience. At the heart of good website design with good UX is always: clear communication of the benefits to the user, a user-friendly implementation and an efficient, effective and satisfying way to guide users to their goal.

RapidUsertests Remote usability tests – Usability test results within 24h

In order to perform usability tests quickly and cost-effectively, we offer remote usability tests with RapidUsertests. With our user panel and simple, clear test designs, a meaningful usability test can be carried out quickly, pragmatically and inexpensively. In a few minutes you have created the usability test. Shortly thereafter, screen recordings, audio comments and mouse tracking of typical users will show you how to make your web presence more successful. This way, usability weaknesses can be identified and you get ideas for concrete optimisation tips. A quick and easy way to optimize your homepage. No matter if it is the first draft of a website, an iterative redesign, the website analysis of a competitor or the increase of your own conversion rate, RapidUsertests supports you in the analysis and optimization of your website. You can either carry out our RapidUsertests DIY (do it yourself) or you can commission our experts to create the test for you, evaluate it and work out concrete optimisation recommendations. Let us advise you here without any obligation.