Usability Quick Test:
Ad hoc UX feedback

Results within a few hours


Use our panel with over 30,000 testers

Or invite your own participants

For individual features, design comparisons and much more

Perfect for agile development processes

5 minutes quick tests: answers to your most burning questions

  Create the test in the morning, evaluate it in the afternoon

  Can be created quickly and the 5-minute videos are quickly analyzed

  Very good for individual features, design comparison, first impression, retests, etc.

This is what the result videos look like

“You watch the videos and read the comments, you cry, you fix things, you become rich.”

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at  

UX feedback from your target audience. Within a few hours.

30,000 users test your usability from home


Create a usability test –
in a few minutes

from EUR 139


Your target group tests the website/app

in a few hours


Improve your website/app with user videos

100% guaranteed satisfaction

What you get: All your UX insights in one tool

The missing link for your agile sprints

Usability quick tests as part of the RapidUsertests infrastructure

Moderated tests, 5 second tests and much more. in the same tool

Test for specific target groups

No stress with testers, technology and rooms

Document and prioritize your insights

Clear analysis of all your insights

Convince stakeholders with a highlight video

Share your results with colleagues

Optional: Get support from ux experts

“With RapidUsertests, we were able to increase our conversion rate by 30%.”

Continuous UX optimization, conversion increase, insights within hours

“We received such concrete improvement advice with the tests after just three hours that we were able to significantly increase our sales within days. Thank you!”

Katrin Mier, mirapodo

Senior Product Management

“RapidUsertests’ regular UX tests reliably and quickly provide us with key insights for our teams’ user-centric work. Testing gives us the knowledge we need to align our offers with the true needs of our customers.”

Kilian Hughes, maxdome

Head of UX Conception

“With RapidUsertests, we were able to increase our conversion rate by 30%. Due to the personal feedback of the RapidUsertests experts, we now have the know-how to conduct usability tests ourselves.”

Björn Kolbmöller, Flaconi


Start your usability quick test now

What would you like to test?

  • Desktop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • iOS
  • Android
  • unreleased apps
  • InVision, Axure, etc.
  • PDF documents
  • your own prototype URL

Our other test formats:

NEW: Moderated live test

  • For prototypes, user research, etc.
  • Live & hosted by you
  • Web conference in the browser – no installation necessary
  • 15-60 minutes, flexible number of questions

20 minute test

  • For the entire onsite journey
  • natural usage pattern
  • flexible timing
  • Up to 8 tasks + 5 written questions


5 minute quick test

  • Fast ad hoc feedback
  • For individual features, design comparisons, etc.
  • Create + evaluate your test quickly
  • 1 task + 1 written question