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30,000 German-speaking users

Realistic testing situations – in our testers’ homes

30,000 test users from all over Germany

We have a growing tester panel of currently over 30,000 users. The testers are not “professional testers”, but normal people of all demographics from all regions of Germany. Out of interest and for a fee, they test websites and apps at home.

You can also conduct unmoderated desktop tests internationally. With the expert evaluation, all test types are possible in over 100 countries.

Differentiated target groups

Narrow down the age and gender of the testers

You can narrow down your testers by age and gender. In addition, you can define as many specific characteristics of your target group as you like, e.g. a certain household income or special interests and hobbies.

Real Life Testing – Test on countless devices

Test users test on their own devices

Users test your website or app on their personal computers, smartphones and tablets. Thus thousands of system combinations are being used.

Smart recruitment algorithms &
consistently high panel quality

The usability testers have a high quality and are not professional testers

Intelligent recruitment algorithms ensure that you get the best testers possible .

All testers are screened prior to joining our panel.

To ensure that “normal people” test your products, our algorithms do not invite individual testers too often.

Top rated testers for your website and app

Each tester is rated by our customers on a 5-star scale. Users rated as very helpful test more often due to our intelligent invitation algorithm.

Current tester rating: 4.3 / 5

100% satisfaction guarantee

We give a 100% quality guarantee on the usability tests

High test quality is our ultimate goal. If you are not satisfied with one of the test videos, you will immediatly receive a new tester for free. Just contact our support and give a short feedback what the tester could have done better.

Alternative: Existing customers and own tester panel

Test existing customers and own panel

For your questions, is it necessary to survey existing customers or registered users? Or do you already have your own tester panel? You can also use RapidUsertests with your own testers!

Feedback from your own target group

“I was really positively surprised by the feedback from the users and would not have expected this before. The testers give so much constructive criticism.

Andre Hoffschröer

Onpage Manager eCommerce, Ernsting’s family